Fish Index is a table of information on the difficulty in raising each species of marine fish. This database is compiled from AMDA EcoList, WetWebMedia and other reliable sources. Which is based on a survey of the experience of the catchers, vendors, careers (both amateurs and professionals), and many biologists

The difficulty will be organized in the following order *

  1. This fish is difficult to raise. Unable to survive in an aquarium Eat very hard food, easy to become shy at all times And most will eventually die It should not be sold or raised and should be left to live naturally.

  2. Not suitable for general sitter, very difficult to raise, requires a high level of expertise in farming Most will not be able to adapt to life within the aquarium. Often refusing to eat food There may be only a few that will survive if the environment is very good.

  3. Medium difficult Most will be able to adapt to life in the closet if the caregiver is always caring. Which includes feeding And raising it with other non-ferocious fish In an environment that is similar to its natural settlement Some species need to eat algae like cat’s algae. To be healthy

  4. Needs enough expertise in raising Most of them raise quite easily. If you do not encounter sudden changes in the environment, it is easy to eat and suitable for fishermen with experience of at least 6 months.

  5. Easy to raise, resistant to environments that are not as good as it should be. Easy to eat. Suitable for new breeders.

    *** This data can be considered accurate for the majority of the fish population. But in some cases the behavior of some fish
    May not be in the database and is considered an exception. Not normal**