In general, when we think of an aquarium Might think that it is just a piece of furniture intended for beauty And often do not give importance to it as much as it should But the fact that raising an aquarium is not just raising fish to watch Feeding it day after day Proper care for the aquarium is raising it to grow. Healthy, colorful, and able to continue to reproduce No different from other pets such as dogs or cats

There is no method or technique that can be called the best. Each method has different strengths and weaknesses. The advice here is aimed at helping you start raising marine tanks. Which will explain various methods and techniques Basic knowledge in starting and care The key is to give love, time, and the right to learn. These are three important factors that will help you succeed. If missing something There is a high chance that your cabinet will have problems constantly. Causing to waste both time and money Maintenance requires a fair amount of money.